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Address: Vytauto pr. 14, Kaunas
Registration and information: (8 37) 22 52 50, (8 37) 22 02 02,
8 671 969 79

  • Monday - Friday
    8:00 - 20:00

Profesionali burnos higiena tik 100 Lt / 28.96 €!

Procedure protects the teeth from caries and dental lesions provides starting treatment at the lowest cost.

Kauno Denticija

Dental clinic Denticija

Dental Clinic in Kaunas „ Denticija“, settled in Vytautas prospect 14, is one of the longest acting dental clinics in Lithuania. Over 57 years of work in this dental clinic, experience accumulated here allows the working professionals to take best care of patiens’ oral health, treatment, disease prevention and rehabilitation. Specialists of this clinic regularly refresh and improve their qualifications in the field of dentistry abroad.

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Dental clinic in Kaunas

Dental clinic Denticija

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