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Teeth whitening

Your teeth colour can be discouraging for different reasons. Sometimes it is determined by genetics , but very often our life habits are at fault: everyday coffee, smoking, improper foostuffs.Often the usage of antibiotics or stro...

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Dental Prosthesis

One or several missing teeth usually cloud our life. People do not smile, can‘t talk, they have difficulties with eating and it can cause digestive problems. Lots  of complexes because of poor appearance arise. In such situations ...

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Children‘s Dentistry

In Lithuania an opinion exists that one must pay attention to children‘s teeth only when permanent teeth appear.But usually  three out of four children‘s milk teeth are hurt by tooth decay. In fact,  dentists are right saying that...

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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease is called an inflamatory process, started in tissues surrounding a tooth. This process causes the loss of surrounding tissue and bone,and it can determine loss of teeth. Specialists  in Kaunas Dental Clinic ...

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Orthodontic Treatment

Crooked appearance of teeth is a big and common  problem, but to have a brilliant smile can not be only a dream. Specialists of Dental Clinic „Denticija“ in Kaunas  will be able to straighten  irregular ,crooked teething or  ir...

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X-ray examination

Modern dentistry today can‘t exist without x-ray research. It enables dentists to plan patients‘ treatment, dental prosthesis, dental implantation and other procedures. X-ray radiographs produced with modern x-ray machines show...

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Dental implantation

Teeth are lost for different reasons. The loss can  be  predetermined  by dental caries, periodontitis diseases, experienced teeth traumas or congenital teeth defects. Teeth implants allow  to recover your teeth without usage o...

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Removal of mental teeth

Genetically every person must have 32 teeth, but very often teething of mental impacted teeth is problematic. Freequently mental teeth lack space in the jaw so they start pushing away neighboring teeth, cramming them and spoil ...

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Professional Oral Hygiene

In order to avoid different teeth and dental tissue diseases, sometimes routine dental cleaning is enough.If not, specialists of Kaunas Dental Clinic „Denticija“ will take professional care of your  oral hygiene Not all people ...

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