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Dental Prosthesis

One or several missing teeth usually cloud our life. People do not smile, can‘t talk, they have difficulties with eating and it can cause digestive problems. Lots  of complexes because of poor appearance arise. In such situations dental prosthesis is the best solution.

Some patients are tend to endure  discomfort and inconvenience of missing teeth and they avoid dental prosthesis. They think dentures will be easily noticeable, uncomfortable and rough. Nevertheless modern, up to date dental prosthesis are far from those produced some decades ago.

For production of dental prosthesis the newest modern materials are being used, besides, the dentures are adapted to a patient individually. This ensures maximum comfort, restored chewing function, they do not prevent a person  from  talking and smiling.

According  to patients‘ optional choice, paying attention to the amount of missing teeth, the place and the complexity of the defect, professionals of Kaunas Dental Clinic  „Denticija“can produce non-metal ceramic prosthesis, zirconium oxide ceramics, metal ceramics, prosthesis on implants, bridges, arch supporting, complex prosthesis, removable plate dentures for toothless patients.

Non- metal ceramic dentures are produced of light- permeable porcelain, therefore dental prosthesis look especially nice and realistic- one should choose these dentures for front teeth restoration. Metal ceramics dentures are produced spreading porcelain over  metal frame. These dentures suit best for restoration of molars.

Zirconium oxide ceramics dentures have no metal frame but they are resistant to chewing, aesthetic, accurate, produced using modern computer technology.

In our clinic we produce dentures for pensioners, disabled people and children under 18, when expences are reimbursed by Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (PSDF) budget according to the procedure of the Ministry of Health.

People who are not on the waiting list of dental prosthetics should consult their dentist in the clinic where  they are registered. Clinic staff will fill in necessary documents and will include a patient into the list of dental prosthesis.