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Professional Oral Hygiene

In order to avoid different teeth and dental tissue diseases, sometimes routine dental cleaning is enough.If not, specialists of Kaunas Dental Clinic „Denticija“ will take professional care of your  oral hygiene

Not all people thoroughly clean the teeth at least twice a day, brushing the surface of all teeth, cleaning interdental gaps, using dental floss or rinsing fluids. And yet, these procedures are not sufficient. Sometimes it is impossible to reach all dental surfaces, interdental gaps because of one‘s unique teeth arrangement.

Those gaps start to accumulate dental plague, which later transforms into dental deposit and provokes periodontal diseases. So, slightly bleeding gum because of accumulated dental plague and dental deposit may lead to loss of your teeth.That‘s why the best way to be secure of oral hygiene is to make use of professional oral hygiene in a dental clinic.

A specialist of oral hygiene will clean the accumulated dental plague on your teeth and teeth roots, will polish them. Also, he will help to choose the most suitable for you  oral hygiene products if there is a need.

You should carry out professional oral hygiene  at least twice a year, sometimes even more often, depending on your oral state.These procedures help to maintain  your oral hygiene and prevent from reproduction of malicious microorganisms which might cause serious diseases, prevent dental caries, brighten your teeth, improve your breath.