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Removal of mental teeth

Genetically every person must have 32 teeth, but very often teething of mental impacted teeth is problematic.

Freequently mental teeth lack space in the jaw so they start pushing away neighboring teeth, cramming them and spoil occlusion this way. If timely measures are not taken, later the situation may require orthodontic treatment.

But problems appear after the process of teething of mental teeth sa well. While cleaning mental  teeth at home, people rarely manage to clean properly the most distant dental surfaces. It causes dental plague and deposit around them and is the precondition of periodontal diseases.

Removal of mental teeth is the only way out if you met with such difficulties.

In Kaunas Dental Clinic „Denticija“ a surgeon dentist will examine patient‘s teeth and will determine if it is worth removing a mental tooth, as well as if there is a necessity to remove impacted mental tooth.

The words „ tooth removal‘ cause unpleasant associations to most people but, as a matter of fact, everything seems much easier.

Under local anesthesia or stronger  analgesia dental  surgeons remove the tissues around the toothmove the tooth and pull it up with the help of special instruments and suture the gums.

The healing period after the operation is very individual. It depends on the patient‘s age, the complexity of the operation, post-operative conditions. And it is very important to follow doctor‘s advice.