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Teeth whitening

Your teeth colour can be discouraging for different reasons. Sometimes it is determined by genetics , but very often our life habits are at fault: everyday coffee, smoking, improper foostuffs.Often the usage of antibiotics or strong medications change teeth colour as well.

Therefore, teeth whitening is the best and simplest way out for those who do not dare  to smile or feel uncomfortable because of teeth colour.Teeth whitening will quickly and effectively  return a smile of white bright teeth  on your face for a long time.

Specialists of  Dental Clinic „Denticija“ in Kaunas will take professional care of your teeth and help to recover your brilliant smile.

There are lots of various myths about teeth bleaching but people  must be aware of one simple truth-teeth whitening is considered to be one of the safest dental procedure. It has already been performed for more than one hundred years.

For teeth whitening  Hydrogen peroxide is used, which is evidently more effective in recovering white teeth than other materials and doesn‘t harm neighboring tissues and teeth.Hydrogen peroxide is a component  of other different materials used for modern teeth bleaching. Disintegrating it eliminates pigmental spots from the deepest teeth layers, annihilates colour changes. After teeth whitening your smile can become whiter a few dozen times.

Of course, there are other methods to whiten your teeth. You can do it using whitening pastes and gels, special strips or varnish but these are less effective ways. For example, whitening toothpastes simply clean deposit from your teeth,they become whiter but it can‘t be called whitening. If you want real, guaranteed and long-lasting effect and to have white, brilliant smile for long, you should contact specialists who  will perform teeth whitening professionally.

After the procedure your teeth can be more sensitive for a few days so specialists will recommend you to use materials reducing the sensitivity of teeth. Besides, you should avoid colourful foodstuffs, dark-coloured liquids, like coffee, avoid smoking and follow oral hygiene requirements.

Teeth whitening will help you keep striking smile for long.Even if your teeth colour will slightly change over time , after professional oral hygiene procedures you will be able to enjoy sparkling white teeth smile.