Why is it worth treating your teeth in Lithuania?

Lower prices –> Highest quality and professionalism –> Cheap trips –> Convenient communication within the country –> A clear and specific treatment plan –> Quality leisure in friendly cities of the country

Lithuania is one of the best choices in choosing dental treatment – lower prices of services, the highest expertise of doctors compared to other European countries. Kauno Denticija is located in a convenient place, physicians make precise treatment plans; there are a lot of entertainments and recreation centers in Kaunas and surrounding cities which meet the needs of every visitor.

Dental clinic „Denticija“ is one of the first private dental clinics in Lithuania. Our clinic provides all dental procedures and surgery treatment, as well as complex dental prosthesis procedures. The dentists of the Clinic can perform the most complex procedures, and the clinic itself is equipped with advanced modern dental technology, microscopes, 3D x-rays. When needed, we use sedation for treatment so that you do not feel any discomfort.

vizitas pas odontologąprietaisas



Modern dental technology, microscopes, 3D x-rayssedation

A strong and professional team of dentists is a distinctive feature of the clinic group. Kauno“Denticija“ is proud of doctors having a high competence and ‚to appreciating a team work. A special attention is paid to their professional development, psychological readiness to work with patients with different needs and team building.

We are glad that the professional level of dentistry in Lithuania is extremely high. Professionals from our country are also welcomed in foreign countries, therefore in many places around the world you can meet Lithuanians working in both general medicine and dentistry.

Decided to be treated in Lithuania? Then discover the beauty of our country in the major cities of Lithuania. Our dental clinics will provide you with a personal treatment plan; therefore you will be able to create an inspirational and unforgettable leisure time according to your hobbies and agenda. Both Vilnius and Kaunas have an exceptional architecture, plenty of cultural activities and the beauty of the parks. Are you interested in sports? Here you will find a wide range of sports activities. Love delicious food? In Vilnius and Kaunas there are a lot of highly regarded restaurants and high-class kitchen chefs. Are you afraid of getting lost? This will certainly never happen as both major cities of Lithuania have developed a very convenient transport infrastructure.

lietuva vilnius gedimino bokštastrakai


Want to have a glowing and healthy smile and experience unforgettable impressions in one of the most beautiful European cities? Then you must choose dental treatment in Lithuania. Attention to the patient, professionalism of specialists, possibility to choose the desired time for treatment, application of advanced technologies – these are the main principles applied by Kaunas Denticija clinic, which are appreciated by our patients.

gydymo procesas

What does a patient get?

RESPONSIBILITY – this word is the most precise to describe line of action of the „Denticija“ clinics group: we are moving towards greater trust and give our patients a 5-year guarantee for implantation services and a 3-year guarantee for fixed dentures. These areas have been chosen not by chance – dental restoration not only determines the quality of life, but also has an important aesthetic – smile recovery – function.
Our clinics provide all basic dental services:

» Oral Surgery
During this treatment, facial surgeons consult and treat inflammation of the jawbone and periosteum, salivary glands and soft tissues (individual pleural, lymphadenitis, etc.), oral cysts, granuloma, jawbone injuries, mandibular joint pathology.

» Teeth Whitening
Oral hygiene experts working in our clinic after a long analysis have chosen the „Beyond“Tooth Whitening System, which acts as a halogen teeth whitening device: LED lamp and low level laser therapy.

» Dental implants
Dental implants in today’s dentistry, using new technologies, therapies and knowledge, are the most advanced way to rebuild human missing teeth.

» Tooth Root Canal Treatment
Endodontic treatment helps preserve natural teeth. Such treatment is needed when the tooth pulp (soft tissue inside the dental root canal) is inflamed or infected.

» Aesthetic filling
While performing aesthetic filling procedures, lost dental tissues are restored to suit the natural shape, color, opacity, surface microstructure of a tooth.

» Orthodontic treatment
This method of treatment can fix any type of tooth crookedness, facial asymmetry, the anomalies of teeth quantity, also can adjust almost every bite problems. There are no age restrictions for orthodontic treatment. The sooner any bite problem is detected, the more effective the treatment.

» Periodontal Disease Treatment
The receptors of periodontal ligament – tissues surrounding a tooth – help us to perceive such delicate things as the force of bite and its strength, position of teeth when speaking, eating, jaw movements. Therefore, professional periodontal treatment is an integral part of a healthy smile.

» Professional oral hygiene
The procedure is intended to professionally clean hard and soft dental plague, remove teeth calculus, polish teeth surface and, if necessary, application of mineral and therapeutic substances is performed.

» X-rays (Radiological research)
This is one of the most important stages of dental treatment. These examinations are performed to ensure qualitative diagnostic and control of the treatment. These are non-invasive researches, in which a dentist can see the location and condition of the teeth and bones.

» Therapeutic dentistry
This is a preventive dental care that protects your teeth from caries, as well as restoring damaged teeth and non-carious lesions of teeth by using filling material.

» Children’s Dentistry
How to help child to overcome dental phobia and facilitate his visits to the dentist? Our professional dentists, using the latest technology and psychological knowledge, will help to overcome even the most difficult situations in which other specialists give up.

The highest quality treatment at an extremely low price


€8-€20 consultation

€110 – €250 aestethic filling for on tooth



€15 consultation

€670-€725 implantation with Straumann SLA implant

€730-€875 implantation with Straumann SLA Active Roxolid implant



€18-€35 consultation

€127-€506 crown on your own tooth

€355-€522 veneer

€375-€794 crown on the implant


How to reach us?

By plane -> Vilnius airport – VNO, Kaunas airport – KUN -> Price from Eur 20
By ferry -> Arrival point – Klaipėda -> Price from Eur 33 + bus to Kaunas

How to find us?

» Kaunas „Denticija“ clinic and dental technique laboratory (Vytauto ave. 14, Kaunas)

Do not wait in queues – contact Kaunas „Denticija“ clinic, get a detailed personal treatment plan in advance and enjoy not only your healthy smile, but also unforgettable moments in Lithuania!